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Cherry Necklace

Necklace with a cherry-shaped pendant with a crystal surrounded by a large silver leaf with a small leaf on the side

Loop Necklace

Elegant necklace with a crystal stone in the middle of the silver buckle

Crystal Pearl

Pretty gold plated pendant necklace with a beautiful pearl crystal bead and two small crystals

Flower Necklace

Charming silver necklace in the shape of a small flower with petals inlaid with crystals

Double Heart Necklace

Pendant necklace with two silver hearts embraced one another around a crystal stone in the center

Wavy Heart Necklace

Lovely necklace with a small silver wavy heart and six small crystals in its center

Little Star Necklace

This dazzling and slim necklace features a thin 925 silver star. This pendant contains six small crystals from...

Solitary Necklace

Refined silver necklace with a big solitary stone surrounded by a circle

Heart Curve Necklace

Lovely necklace with a pendant heart that takes the shape of a comma and folds back onto the silver chain

Baguette Necklace

Charming silver necklace with a contemporary and refined design, this jewel is adorned with a baguette-shaped pendant

Love Necklace

Lovely necklace with an asymmetrical heart shaped pendant covered with crystals with a silver curve in the middle

Mixed Heart Necklace

Necklace with silver chain and heart shaped pendant with one half silver and the other half set with crystals

Wave Necklace

Luminous silver necklace with a S-shaped pendant set with small brilliant crystals

You & Me Necklace

Beautiful silver necklace with wavy pendant and two white and pink crystals

Flash Necklace

Pretty necklace with a pendant composed of a silver lightning bolt surrounding a pink crystal stone cut in heart

Snake Necklace

Sublime silver necklace representing a snake head upwards with small crystals on top

Light Heart Necklace

Splendid silver necklace with a heart pendant pierced by shapes of small hearts and dots